Verdi Requiem with Hull Choral Union


Verdi - Messa da Requiem


Saturday 7th November


Hull City Hall


Neville Turner


Sarah Rhodes, Quentin Hayes, Antonia Sotgiu & John Pierce

On 7th November 2015 the majority of the choir met at Andrew and Co, Nettleham Road (kindly arranged by Katriona Wheeler) left their cars in the car park and boarded two PC Coaches. We were then ferried efficiently and comfortably to central Hull, where we entered the City Hall by the back door. After all dutifully signing in we entered this grand and gracious building for the afternoon rehearsal of Verdi’s Requiem. The experience was varied; some had excellent views, some had comfy seats, some were very squashed. The only thing we all shared was a temperature level we were totally unused to singing in!
Between rehearsal and performance we occupied ourselves variously, some exploring the city a little, visiting churches, cafes, pubs and the waterside area. Others relaxed over newspapers, Kindles and crochet and chatted at length! We changed, had a photo taken on the rather grand foyer stairs and, after some chaotic lining up, eventually entered the stage reasonably tidily. Everyone seemed to enjoy the concert, Neville working hard to keep the various forces together! The audience, though small, applauded with great enthusiasm and we went home tired but happy.

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