Photographs of New York

The following photographs were taken by several members of the Neustadt Liedertafel during their visit to New York in January 2016 for the Sir Karl Jenkins 'Concert for Peace' at Carnegie Hall. Many thanks to the Liedertafel for providing these fantastic photographs.
You can click on any of the images to start viewing a slideshow.

HJS_NY_099 HJS_NY_101 HJS_NY_102 HJS_NY_104 HJS_NY_107 HJS_NY_114 HJS_NY_118 HJS_NY_124 HJS_NY_132 HJS_NY_136 HJS_NY_139 HJS_NY_152 HJS_NY_153 HJS_NY_159 HJS_NY_174 HJS_NY_186 HJS_NY_188 HJS_NY_189 HJS_NY_196 HJS_NY_203 HJS_NY_208 HJS_NY_209 HJS_NY_211 HJS_NY_212 HJS_NY_213 HJS_NY_217 HJS_NY_229 HJS_NY_238 HJS_NY_243 HJS_NY_247 HJS_NY_262 HJS_NY_293 HJS_NY_295 HJS_NY_305 HJS_NY_308 HJS_NY_312 HJS_NY_315 HJS_NY_320 HJS_NY_323 HJS_NY_324 HJS_NY_330 HJS_NY_331 HJS_NY_333 HJS_NY_435 HJS_NY_437 HJS_NY_445 HJS_NY_452 HJS_NY_463 HJS_NY_474 HJS_NY_014 HJS_NY_016 HJS_NY_025 HJS_NY_027 HJS_NY_035 HJS_NY_039 HJS_NY_040 HJS_NY_050 HJS_NY_056 HJS_NY_058 HJS_NY_062 HJS_NY_078 HJS_NY_084 HJS_NY_087 HJS_NY_089 HJS_NY_090 HJS_NY_094